Commit 29f9d568 authored by Misael Curril's avatar Misael Curril

ajustes de los scrips para su pase a produccion

parent fa46d4b4
......@@ -50571,9 +50571,9 @@ INSERT INTO document_version(
SELECT document_name as document_url,1 as file_server_id,1 as document_version_id,document_id,document_name,dp.mime_type
FROM "document" d,document_type dp
where table_id='BECAS'
AND d.document_type_id=dp.document_type_id
AND d.document_type_id=dp.document_type_id;
update document set version_id=(select id
from document_version v
where v.document_id=document.document_id)
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